A word from the Director

Our  DNA by Philippe ANDRILLAT

Break down the barriers in the way we think, break out of the silos of ultra-specialisation and, through cross-functionality, the will to contribute to others and to get the best out of everyone…
Achieve high performance !

Kenseo offers a different vision of a consulting company, where the sum total of the individuals converges towards a single common value “Growing and developing people and organisations”.

The history of your human resources consultant

KENSEO was founded in 2003 out of a deep-seated ambition to do business and to advise business people.

KENSEO comes from the declination of the Latin verb that means « to advise, estimate, evaluate » : « Censeo, I advise ».

The company initially grew by providing recruitment services, mainly to companies in corporate finance, who then recommended KENSEO to the small and medium-sized companies in which they held an interest.

The company gradually grew in the industrial and service sectors, optimised its organisation, and was certified by major international groups.

In 2007, KENSEO became one of the first recruitment consultants to extend its offer to include support services, driven by the conviction that these two activities complete and enrich one another. Our goal is to become a genuine partner for the HR departments and company directors we work with, and to support them in all their HR processes.

Today, KENSEO is a 18-man team, offices in Lyon and Paris, and a close partnership with NEXMOVE, a leading outplacement and coaching bureau in Paris. NEXMOVE is also a member of ARBORA, one of the major networks of outplacement companies in the world.

We developed by interacting with our customers and breaking down the partitions between our different specialities.

KENSEO has recently joined LORENZ & HAMILTON, a leading group specialized in Human Capital Management, thus enhancing its expertise in assisting companies and executives throughout all HR processes.

Every day, our ambition is to continue to grow alongside major groups, small and medium-sized companies and investment funds, and to accomplish missions that help them to grow too.

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Lyon & Paris

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Our values


Capitalise on the differences between our individual expertise and that of our customers, by comparing it and realising its potential, be open to others and their ideas by coming close to them, give and receive feedback, prefer the project mode, collective working and partnerships, build the network, help one another…


Mobilise energies around innovation and experimentation, allow others to make mistakes and take risks, give space to creativity, encourage proactivity, push everyone towards autonomy and empowerment, welcome change, out of the box, surpass ourselves to create more value…


Value diversity,
engage with
everyone, learn
or re-learn
and confidence
in others, know
how to listen
with empathy
and benevolence,
but also
with demands…


Dare to be yourself, show transparency and sincerity, feel free to speak out and express your personality, cultivate good spirits and optimism, multiply moments of togetherness. Respect everyone’s differences and their contribution to
the group, and always
with the greatest
pleasure !