At Kenseo, our people and our departments work in synergy to generate more added value for candidates and customers.

Our attitude and our way of working are resolutely collaborative between the company’s experts and with our candidates and customers.

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  • Continuous improvement projects driven by the company’s employees
  • Look-outs on every sector, activity and HR research
  • Experiments with new approaches and new tools

Collaborative working modes

  • Joint training sessions in the company
  • Structured exchanges between experts for the same partners
  • Feedback organised in collaboration with our customers
  • A quality system based on satisfaction surveys with candidates and customers


  • Preferred partners selected with care
  • Transparent and structured internal and external feedback
  • Actions with businesses, schools and NGOs...


  • Change management projects that call on the synergy between our experts
  • A broad vision of the challenges facing companies that allow us to fine-tune our practices
  • A permanent progress process for long-term efficiency

Combined expertises

  • Systematic exchanges of practices between internal and external experts
  • Expert recruiters specialised in the job market to support outplacement candidates
  • Senior consultants experienced in coaching methods


  • International recruitments of persons of multiple nationalities
  • An international network of agencies
  • A worldwide watch of HR research


  • Innovative and interfaced information systems
  • 2.0 approaches to sourcing: networks, communities, web tracking, co-opting, ...
  • An approach focussed on the e-reputation


  • Strong human values that are open to the outside world
  • Project groups that bring together all the employees
  • Strategies shared around seminars, plenary sessions and workshops