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Disabled employees

As a pioneer of career reviews for mentally or physically disabled employees in France, our approach is based on two bodies of expert knowledge –  human resources and disability – through our partnership with T’hompouss Consultants.

HR and management feel helpless when faced with employees who are often in difficulty in the company. This is the reason why we offer specific support that is adapted to each situation and every type of handicap: the Disability Review.

We pay close attention to the psychological dimension of our Disability Reviews. We draw up and challenge the projects on the basis of the employee’s disability and the possibilities of internal or external transfers.

The goals


To help employees who can no longer fully perform their function to break out of a system in which their options are imposed by their disability, and to  become decisive players in their own professional future once again.


To define projects that coherent with their skills and motivations, are realistic in view of their handicap, and that meet the expectations of the company or the market.


To call on partners outside the company to guarantee the complete neutrality  that will make the employee feel sufficiently confident to explore every possibility.

Bilan Handicap

The Kenseo method

In this first phase of the Disability Review, we analyse the restrictions on the employee’s mission that are caused by their handicap.

At the same time, we conduct an in-depth analysis of their professional qualities, personal characteristics and the levers of their motivation.

This phase enables us to review their achievements, look for coherence and to highlight their wishes and objectives in the medium term.

We take this input and develop various detailed projects that are assessed according to feasibility criteria (restrictions due to the disability, the company, the location, etc.). If necessary, we call on our business consultants or the external professionals in our networks to validate the projects.

Finally, we draw up the corresponding action plans that include the development of the skills required to implement the projects and the necessary adaptations of workstations, where appropriate.
Where necessary, we can also call on experts from the healthcare sector.

Our difference

A team of dedicated experts with complementary skills.

Our approach combines the expertise of our consultants in conducting reviews and assessments, and that of disability specialists in close partnerships.

This approach prevents the employee from feeling stigmatised about their disability, while also receiving support from specialists, once the period of grievance is over and the intervention of the disability specialist becomes really meaningful.

Depending on the needs and the situation of the employee, the disability review can include interventions by specialists in ergonomics, occupational psychology, etc.

Disability reviews are always conducted in close collaboration with the various players in the company (HR, disability experts, direct line managers, occupational therapists, etc.).

Examples of disability reviews

Disability review of an employee who worked in sales for a manufacturing company and who, following a stroke,  was no longer able to move around alone, due to her impaired control of distance and  movement. After her period of grievance over her new situation, Sophie regained confidence and built on her inter-personal and organisational skills to create a consulting activity, in which she now feels perfectly fulfilled.

Disability review of Patricia, who suffered from severe depression for several years, resulting in frequent periods of sick leave and, then, the recognition of her disability. We helped her with a professional project that represented a breakaway from her life in sales and now appears to have given her the balanced life that she needs.

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