Évaluation des compétences

Detection and Assessment of potential

In an increasingly complex and fast-moving world and business environment, jobs and organisations change rapidly. This is why we help our customers to make the right choices when it comes to their teams and their potential, when recruiting employees in critical positions, or integrating a new director in an executive committee, or creating a pool of young potential, or helping your managers to build their career plans.

We can fine-tune your needs and propose suitable assessment solutions that evaluate the business skills, as well as the cognitive inter-personal, managerial and leadership qualities of your employees.

We can help you to independently make reliable and precise diagnoses that are aligned with your strategic and business objectives, while listening to and respecting the choices and the independence of each individual.

The goals


To help you to minimise the risks incurred by recruitment, promotion, career development and organisational changes by jointly understanding your business, professional, organisational and human issues.


To conduct a reliable and well supported diagnostic of the development potential of a person, their suitability to a skills reference framework and their managerial profile using assessment processes and tools and clear and transparent communications.


To propose and implement a potential assessment process that is adapted and tailor-made to meet your needs and to address your specific issues, while respecting every individual.

Évaluation des compétences

The Kenseo method

We conduct a diagnostic of your critical situations and skills that takes your culture, your organisation and your strategic, business and human issues into consideration.

We then propose the right assessment process on the basis of this diagnostic.

We develop the assessment process together with you. We build made-to-measure solutions that are based on your concrete situations and that address all your issues.

Our methods include role play exercises (business, managerial, leadership, etc.), assessment tests (personality, emotional intelligence, cognitive) and 360°-type tools.

The purpose of assessing or evaluating potential is to create dynamics between people and in the organisation.

The results are intended to highlight:

  • the strengths and points of vulnerability of the candidate,
  • recommendations for the function,
  • development priorities.
As part of our continuous improvement approach, we analyse the feedback on the assessment process itself so that the company, the person and ourselves can all benefit from the findings.

Our difference

Our consultants are experienced in assessment practices and the detection of potential. We have a strong command of numerous assessment and evaluation processes, methodologies and tools, and we can offer a specific solution to our customers.

Our expertise is three-dimensional:

– Identification and construction of skills and aptitude reference frameworks and/or role-play exercises for assessments

– Command of the assessment tools and processes regarding:

  • personality: Talent Q, Sosie, MBTI, Insights Discovery
  • emotional intelligence: Talent Q, Bar-On
  • cognitive aptitudes: Talent Q
  • 360° assessment

– Managerial and leadership role-play exercises that are comparatively analysed by different consultants

In 2003, we started developing our experience in the support of managers, executives and experts for loyal customers and partners. We have built solid knowledge of the managerial and leadership reference frameworks.

We question, analyse and understand the interior, the history, the culture, the organisation and the project of the company in order to precisely identify the skills, behaviours and aptitudes that are expected or preferred in the enterprise.

We also bring an outsider’s view that enables the company to question itself in order to grow and to develop its people.

In business assessments, our expertise in recruitment also allows us to understand the company’s different activities, their interactions and how they fit together, in order to develop synergies and improve performance.

The assessment methods we propose are dynamic processes that engage, result in decisions and bring about promotions, integration and team staffing actions, but also mobilise the people involved.

Our assessment tools call on our skills in evaluation and coaching. Our coaching skills allow us to question and to precisely define the process of change in which the employee may, or may not, be, and to refine an employee’s path of development.

We share our assessments with the employees and the company in total transparency.

An example of assessment

Assessment as part of the reorganisation of the French entity of a major international group

Numerous internal candidates applied for different jobs. In order to support the decision-making process in an equitable manner and to limit the risks of frustration and demotivation, the HR department asked KENSEO to come up with a simple system based on four main criteria: technical and managerial skills, conduct, motivation and potential.

A project team of senior consultants with differing profiles conducted the assessments (role-play exercises, motivation interviews, questionnaires on behavioural preferences), then compiled the detailed individual reports and our recommendations.

The individual feedback was shared with each participant in order to highlight their strengths and their development potential and to better understand the choices made.


the Kenseo HR process

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