Formation management


Companies that are challenged by fast and frequent organisational changes, regularly review their expectations of key management positions, which are often at the heart of the change. We propose training and co-development processes that facilitate the adoption of their role in a continually-changing context.

Together with our customers, we create content that is adapted to the managerial culture of the company and is resolutely operational. We focus on role-play exercises, experiments, the sharing of practices between managers and approaches that place them at the very heart of their own development, so that their progress extends beyond our sessions.

The goals


To enable managers to develop, to cope with the numerous issues they face and to facilitate the adoption of their role and their leadership.


To encourage exchanges of practices between managers. We propose co-development initiatives that facilitate the sharing of experience and best practices, and to enable managers to learn from one another.


To support managerial development over several years, on the basis of a number of identified themes: leadership, the autonomy of their teams, levering motivation, conflict management, etc.

Formation management

The Kenseo method

Together with the company, we define the objectives of the training or the course of training in view of the company’s past practices, their results and the future challenges. We then offer advice on the most appropriate approach.
Depending on the objectives, the consultant then proposes a teaching format that prefers role-play exercises and the sharing of practices between managers, and organises the feedback.
According to the chosen format, the consultant delivers the training by diversifying the approaches and tools to facilitate the adoption of the practice.

Post-training feedback is organised to jointly measure the actual progress made. In this way, the chosen process, the role-play exercises and the organisation of the sessions can be adjusted or confirmed.

Our difference

The teaching process is built together with the company, in accordance with its culture, its managerial practices, its objectives and its challenges.

Post-training feedback is organised to make sure that the progress has been perceived in a concrete manner, and to make any necessary adjustments.

As specialists in coaching and team-building, we prefer co-development, through the sharing of practices, the mirror effect, finding concrete solutions to issues and developing managerial intelligence on the basis of collective intelligence.
The diverse nature of the services we deliver to businesses (coaching, team-building, recruitment, etc.) has enabled us to acquire in-depth knowledge of current management issues. Our training courses draw on this reality and are permanently adapted to it.

Our training sessions are designed and delivered by senior consultants who are aware of these realities, and are in line with the latest management research conducted in universities. Our consultants are feedback-oriented and adopt an approach of continuous improvement with the company.

An example of management training

A company with a strong culture of expertise was looking to develop a more managerial culture amongst its managers.

We designed a two-year course for all the company’s managers or new managers on the following subjects:

  • Developing leadership through better knowledge of one’s self and of others.
  • How to mobilise and motivate.
  • How to manage conflicts.
  • How to support a team faced with change.

But also, more operational subjects, annual reviews, recruitment interviews, etc.

Formation management

the Kenseo HR process

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