We help to develop the potential and the know-how of a manager, on the assumption that the coachee has all the resources to become an active player in his own change, provided that he wants to.

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Together with the company, we build a supportive approach that concretely commits the teams to a common and shared vision that is in line with the teams’ development issues.

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Together, we build training actions for managers and HR that address your challenges, and adopt a long-term process approach. We propose a made-to-measure solution   to every one of your problems.

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Change management

This is where we can step in to help you to facilitate the acceptance and adoption of a major change (projects, changes in organisations or activities, the sale or merger of activities, etc.) by mobilising everyone around a common objective and sharing the meaning.

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« We have established a long-term partnership with KENSEO, and we work with both the recruitment and consulting teams. »
Annie BOUVIER , DRH Groupe Somfy
« We have called on KENSEO for our strategic recruitments for several years. And when I was offered the opportunity to be coached, KENSEO was the obvious choice. The few months of support I received were professionally decisive. It gave me the energy to change the game, raise awareness of false beliefs and overcome obstacles. To a great extent, I can thank the professionalism of my coach, his command of powerful tools, such as transactional analysis and, of course, his human approach for this success. »
Michaël K. , HR / QSE Manager

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  • Continuous improvement projects driven by the company’s employees
  • Look-outs on every sector, activity and HR research
  • Experiments with new approaches and new tools

Collaborative working modes

  • Joint training sessions in the company
  • Structured exchanges between experts for the same partners
  • Feedback organised in collaboration with our customers
  • A quality system based on satisfaction surveys with candidates and customers


  • Preferred partners selected with care
  • Transparent and structured internal and external feedback
  • Actions with businesses, schools and NGOs...


  • Change management projects that call on the synergy between our experts
  • A broad vision of the challenges facing companies that allow us to fine-tune our practices
  • A permanent progress process for long-term efficiency

Combined expertises

  • Systematic exchanges of practices between internal and external experts
  • Expert recruiters specialised in the job market to support outplacement candidates
  • Senior consultants experienced in coaching methods


  • International recruitments of persons of multiple nationalities
  • An international network of agencies
  • A worldwide watch of HR research


  • Innovative and interfaced information systems
  • 2.0 approaches to sourcing: networks, communities, web tracking, co-opting, ...
  • An approach focussed on the e-reputation


  • Strong human values that are open to the outside world
  • Project groups that bring together all the employees
  • Strategies shared around seminars, plenary sessions and workshops