Insights Discovery®

Insights Discovery® is a personal and team development tool. The model is based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung and can be easily understood by anyone.

Understand yourself and understand others better. Learn the effective and powerful communication practices in teams.

Gain in-depth knowledge of yourself and your colleagues. Learn how to adapt and establish positive relations with others that are solid and effective. Become aware of the power of team cohesion and learn how to use differences in order to achieve objectives.

Insights Discovery® is the ideal tool to create a common language, benefit from diversity and train good leaders.

TA Coaching

Transactional analysis is an important framework of reference for coaches. This theory of the personality comes with a number of tools (states of the self, life position, psychological games, etc.) that favour meta-communication and individual development.

Well adapted to the world of organisations, it places the emphasis on the relationship between the employee and the company through a systemic approach that builds the individual’s autonomy by enabling them to read their own modus operandi, needs, emotions and thoughts (life scenario). Transactional analysis reveals information on the forms of relationships. It enables individuals to change the way in which they act and cooperate. It aims to create a climate of trust and harmony in order to optimise the efficiency of the organisation by clarifying relational processes.

JBS Coach & Team

Created by Vincent Lenhardt, the pioneer of coaching in France, Coach & Team is a course of training designed to prepare coaches for the complexity of the enterprise. It includes a number of tools and concepts from a broad range of disciplines: management science, humanist psychology, sociology.

It develops the participants’ conduct and know-how, so that they are able to intervene with individuals (coaching), the company (team-building) and the organisation (organisation development).

« A teaching method « in, by and for » complexity that prepares the participants for the complexity of the enterprise and of our hyper-modern society. » Vincent Lenhardt

Talent Q from Hay Group

An exclusive and online set of professional psychometric assessment tools designed to select and assess large panels of candidates.

Developed by Roger Holdsworth, a pioneer in the field, they measure both the personality and aptitudes using the most recent adaptive technologies.

ECPA Sosie

A benchmark amongst assessment tools in human resources, this personality inventory assesses both the behaviour and the motivations of an individual.

This twin-track approach enables human resources professionals to identify any gaps between the characteristics of the job or the professional environment and the potential and motivations of the person.

BAR-ON EQ-i Certification

The Bar-On EQ-i emotional intelligence inventory is the first emotional intelligence assessment tool. Emotional intelligence is a form of social intelligence based on the capacity to analyse one’s own emotions and those of others, in order to communicate better.

This tool is used to evaluate the facets of emotional workings in the form of themes: communication, decision-making, conflict management, stress management.

Syntec Coaching Accreditation

The SYNTEC professional development council created the first process to certify the professional practice of coaching in France. Today, 19 companies are SYNTEC coaching-accredited.
The purpose of the coach certification process is to make sure that the profile of the candidates matches the qualities that are essential to become a coach, as defined by the syndicate. It is part SYNTEC’s global skills assessment initiative in its fields of activity, under the control of the AFAQ.

This initiative focuses on a factor of readability and standards in the personal and professional development of the consultants. This process is programmed in the long term in order to track and promote the development of a coach in a cycle of permanent progress.