Mobilité conjoint


Your partner has been recruited or transferred to the Rhône-Alpes region, or you have just returned from a mission abroad and your are wondering about your professional  future.

With its expertise in outplacement and recruitment, and its in-depth knowledge of the regional economic fabric, Kenseo can help you to build your career plan and to find the right job in the  Rhône-Alpes region more easily.

3 good reasons to opt for partner mobility


Take stock of your career, think about your current motivations in order to address the years to come, explore the scope of possibilities (career changes, setting up or taking over a business, etc.) to define concrete and realistic projects that match your aspirations and the local labour market.


Speed up your return to work by using all the necessary tools and information, by working on your communications, by practising and by positioning yourself as someone who is proposing a project,  rather than someone who is looking for work.


Share your thoughts and your personal journey with your coach, but also with other managers who are following the same process in workshops and work groups. And since 70% to 80% of appointments of managers are made by networking or co-opting, learn how to develop and galvanise your network.

The Kenseo method

The support for partner mobility usually lasts 6 months.

We adapt our methodology and tools to each individual’s specific needs, in order to adopt a tailor-made approach.

1/ A phase in which you reflect on your career and the logic behind it, on your specific skills, your modus operandi and the salient points of your personal profile. A phase in which you also think about your current motivations in order to address the years to come.
2/ A phase, in which we build your projects, and the corresponding action plans, to find an activity and an environment that are in line with both your expectations and the reality of the marketplace.
Recruitment consultants may be called on at this stage to validate your projects on the basis of their expert knowledge of the market.
A dynamic phase in which you create your tools (resume, digital identity, list of target companies, etc.) and work on your position and your posture (filmed simulations of interviewed, training in networking techniques, changes of posture, etc.).

The Networking Workshop : You will see the impact of networks, understand their mechanisms, learn about the effectiveness of arborescence techniques, become aware of the image you project, overcome obstacles and take part in concrete role-play exercises in the form of filmed interviews.

Web 2.0 Workshop : This workshop will teach you the theoretical basics required to make optimal use of the internet, to use the various search tools and their advanced functions, to work on the development of your digital identity and to develop your own network.

Theatre Workshop : In this workshop, you will work on your posture and controlling your emotions with an actress.


In this active phase, you will deploy your projects until they succeed.

Your coach and the recruitment teams will help you in your actions on a daily basis.

The workshops offer an opportunity to exchange practices and feedback, to share networks and to enrich one another. Your projects will become great challenges that you want to take up at all costs.

Our difference

A team with highly varied backgrounds and personalities, from the board and the company, that collaborates every day:

  • Consultants experienced in outplacement and qualified in coaching, to help you with your professional transition.
  • Recruiters specialised by activity and by sector, who can validate your projects and advise you on your approach to the market.
  • Experts to host your workshops (professional head-hunters, web consultants, specialists in the creation or acquisition of businesses, etc.)
  • A dedicated assistant to welcome you and integrate you into life at the company, and to help with all logistical questions.

We unite our diversity to share a common vision of our activity: available and close, reactive and dedicated to achieving results, so that you can play a role in your own change.

Combining coaching and change management with a very pragmatic and operational vision.

Our consultants, who are all qualified in coaching, will help you to take a step back, to think carefully about the way you operate, and the different options that are open to you for the future. By opening up as many possibilities as possible, without losing touch with the reality of the job market.

By combining recruitment and outplacement, you are guaranteed:

  • preferential access to our recruiters,
  • concrete and up-to-date advice about the market and the skills that companies are looking for,
  • training in the tools that head-hunters use today to source profiles (job boards, social networks, etc.),
  • a quality resume,
  • practice in interviews by assessment specialists.

Located in Lyon since 2003, Kenseo works with numerous companies in the Rhône-Alpes region and has a concrete and up-to-date vision of the employment market and local companies.

A network is essential for proactive job-seeking (according to Syntec’s 2015 figures, 45% of supported people found work in this way), and it is quite possible that you will arrive in the region with a very restricted network, or without a network at all.

We will teach you to create, develop and structure your network, and open up our networks to you too.

Life at Kenseo

There is always something happening at Kenseo…

to encourage exchanges and the network in original and friendly contexts:

  • spontaneous and informal meetings with the consultants from our different branches,
  • workshops,
  • work groups,
  • plus numerous events: conferences for head-hunters or entrepreneurs looking to create or take over a business, speed networking, evenings with former employees, parties to celebrate success stories, etc.

We offer a welcoming, open and modern working environment, plus individual offices, workstations and PCs in open spaces, Wi-Fi access, the national and regional press, a welcoming rest area, etc.


« I appreciated the quality and the professionalism of the outplacement support that I received from KENSEO, when I decided to follow my wife after she left Paris for Lyon, while I knew absolutely nothing about the economic fabric in Lyon. The close fit between the workshops and the individual and group support provided the opportunity to prepare my professional development in Lyon. And their good humour and friendliness were a welcome bonus. »
Philippe B., Public affairs and corporate communications
« The recurrent satisfaction with the service in terms of quality, proximity and flexibility, for both recruitment and the other services on offer, has prompted me to work with KENSEO on a regular basis. »
André SEMBELIE, Nestlé Waters HR

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