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We support companies, managers and executives in the crucial stages of talent acquisition, development, change and transition. Together with the decision-makers and their employees, our consultants develop projects that are perfectly adapted to their issues and their situation.

Thanks to our business and market expertise, we know that every environment and every culture is confronted with specific strategic and operational levers that often vary according to cycles of activity, and that must be used by employees, and in particular by managers and executives.


We focus on enhancing your durable pipeline of talents, so that your teams have everything they need to create a competitive advantage.

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We help to develop the potential and the know-how of a manager, on the assumption that the coachee has all the resources to become an active player in his own change, provided that he wants to.

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We give you the time and the space to think about your projects for life, the tools and the training to communicate about them effectively and the impetus to implement them.

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We help you to find and use the levers to develop and propose projects in line with your skills and aspirations, and in line with the needs of the company or the market.

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Together, we build training actions for managers and HR that address your challenges, and adopt a long-term process approach. We propose a made-to-measure solution   to every one of your problems.

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We can propose suitable assessment solutions that evaluate both the business skills, as well as the cognitive inter-personal, managerial and leadership qualities of your employees.

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